La Fortuna Del Sorteggio – The Luck Of The Draw What are the chances that YOU crossed that bridge at least once, in the past


The catastrophe that has occurred in Genoa, with the collapse of 200m of motorway, makes me realise what a lottery life is. I, like others, have been several times on that part of the A10 motorway, that connects Italy to… Continue Reading

Planet Of The Apes…Men In A Post #MeToo World Is a week-end in the jungle the solution against sexual harassment?

Just as I thought that the oppression, harassment, and exploitation of women, were part of the male genome, I came across a “non-profit” organisation that claims to be able to cure most men from being fondling creatures in underground trains,… Continue Reading

Between Good And God Secular and religious morals are closer than you think


The biggest problem that causes such a violent opposition between secularism and religion is, not so much in the moral values of the Holy Scripture – which, if not distorted, are much closer to our moral values than you might… Continue Reading

Brexit Musings (27) – Love Island: A Glimmer Of Hope For Remainers


He stole a kiss on a rock, overlooking the still ocean. A silhouette of love, a shadow of feelings. And as the sun disappeared over their new horizon, they were encompassed by the warm glow of dusk. He took her… Continue Reading

Sarah Jeong – Fake Racist, Fake Newspaper Editor? If she can fake racism, what else can she fake?

  In the same way that Winnie the Pooh illogically blames the size of Rabbit’s door, for not being able to get through it, Sarah Jeong – a Korean/American lawyer, journalist, and a lot of other things – blames racist tweets…for… Continue Reading

Climate Change: Run Rabbit, Run – Run From The Sun Even Aristotle and Claude Bernard understood global warming


Yes, I know. Before you start accusing me of going all “ecological”, I am aware that the last “dreadful” summer we had, was back in 1976. Since those golden days, we have had widespread floods in Europe, a tornado in… Continue Reading

Heat And The Willows – Stressing Your Local Oak Tree You won't miss trees...until you do


And just as the Brits thought that, after Brexit, cooperation with the EU over the environment didn’t concern them anymore. With temperatures soaring in the high thirties, forest fires raging left, right, and centre, this is really not the time… Continue Reading

Blocking On Social Media: “Get Out Of My Virtual Life, You Virtual Man!” Real-Life Etiquette In A Virtual Decorum

I never thought this would happen to me, but it has. Someone out there, in virtual reality, had the audacity to ban me from their virtual life on the net. I thought that it had no meaning, but it has.… Continue Reading

Veganism – A Religion For Vegetables I'm not a great fan of meat, but I do enjoy the odd piece of chicken


Before you throw your pickled onions at me, let me get something straight. The last time I had a steak on my plate was about a quarter of a century ago. I’m really not into meat, anymore – apart from… Continue Reading

France 4 : Croatia 2 – When Pragmatism Broke Romanticism France's World Cup win is a victory for pragmatism. But is that a good thing?


It was a battle of two philosophical ideals, enacted by highly skilled protagonists. It was a battle of mind against matter, pragmatism against romanticism. In the end, God ensured that a deluge would end it all, and make fragile humans… Continue Reading