Climate Change: Run Rabbit, Run – Run From The Sun Even Aristotle and Claude Bernard understood global warming


Yes, I know. Before you start accusing me of going all “ecological”, I am aware that the last “dreadful” summer we had, was back in 1976. Since those golden days, we have had widespread floods in Europe, a tornado in… Continue Reading

Heat And The Willows – Stressing Your Local Oak Tree You won't miss trees...until you do


And just as the Brits thought that, after Brexit, cooperation with the EU over the environment didn’t concern them anymore. With temperatures soaring in the high thirties, forest fires raging left, right, and centre, this is really not the time… Continue Reading

Blocking On Social Media: “Get Out Of My Virtual Life, You Virtual Man!” Real-Life Etiquette In A Virtual Decorum

I never thought this would happen to me, but it has. Someone out there, in virtual reality, had the audacity to ban me from their virtual life on the net. I thought that it had no meaning, but it has.… Continue Reading

Facebook – When Human Nature Became An Algorithm


We are all victims of it – we all love it. My writings depend on it – your lives may revolve around it. Facebook is not his fault – it is ours. And worst of all, if Facebook disappeared tomorrow,… Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence And Human Stupidity Oh, what a lovely war...

If you had to choose between being shot by a human or a robot, what would be your choice? By choosing the human, you are probably gambling on the odd chance that a human might show compassion, when looking into… Continue Reading

Will Facebook Comply With European Data Regulations? Facebook loses face, We lose our photo books

Whilst some of us are busy trying to implement the new European data regulations that will come into effect on 25th May, Facebook is just as busy as we are, in clearly breaching the same regulations. Facebook’s carelessness concerning private… Continue Reading

The Fallacy of Creationism: Life-Style Diseases And Human Evolution


The obstinate refusal of certain religious adepts to accept the fact that humans are capable of evolving, like their animal counterparts, is one major reason for the sometimes violent discord between believers and non-believers. The sooner all religions accept the… Continue Reading

Replacing The Dumbo At The Jumbo


If life has tought me one thing, it’s appreciating that my wife is the one going to the supermarket on a weekly basis. It’s not that I am unwilling to help her, it’s the fact that she has become so… Continue Reading