Reading Time: 4 minutes(image: barcelonaconnect.com) It seems like a rotten sequel to an already very bad film. If you thought “Brexitmania” was bad, now we have the very latest cheap remake on a theme that is well past its “sell by” date. In deciding to go it alone, Catalonia has done exactly what the UK did, on 23rd […]

The Evolution Of Brexit – (I) The Rise Of Homo brexitus

evolution of Brexit

Reading Time: 5 minutesDoesn’t time fly when you are worried –gosh? It’s now twelve months since that “fatal” day in June 2016, when the UK voted by the narrowest of margins in favour of Brexit. It’s now time to take stock and analyse my own feelings – and everybody else’s- about the whole thing. I can proudly say […]

Consequentialism: You may have “Brexited”, but I’ve been “Blessed”

Reading Time: 3 minutesConsequentialists base the rightness or wrongness of actions on their outcome. If the outcome is good enough, it doesn’t really matter what you do, or how you do it. Basically, the better the outcome, the greater the justification you have for using means that have no intrinsic moral value.   It is important to note […]