Three Colours – Blue, White, Red

And there I was, thinking that all you needed to play football for your national team was (i) citizenship, (ii) more than average skills and, (iii) to be picked by the trainer. Silly me, I must say. It was pretty… Continue Reading

Bye-bye “”, Hello EU Citizenship Over blogging and EU citizenship

It all started as an antidote to Brexit. I’m referring to my blogging, of course. I really didn’t know how to vent my anger and disappointment when I heard the result of the EU referendum. Like most of you, who… Continue Reading

I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again…Before I Share What is the true value of social sharing?


  We may all wish for a silver bullet to bolster readership, but it’s less a case of scoring a home run and more a case of getting singles on the board. – Regie Solomon (author and blogger) Luckily, I… Continue Reading

Veganism – A Religion For Vegetables I'm not a great fan of meat, but I do enjoy the odd piece of chicken


Before you throw your pickled onions at me, let me get something straight. The last time I had a steak on my plate was about a quarter of a century ago. I’m really not into meat, anymore – apart from… Continue Reading

France 4 : Croatia 2 – When Pragmatism Broke Romanticism France's World Cup win is a victory for pragmatism. But is that a good thing?


It was a battle of two philosophical ideals, enacted by highly skilled protagonists. It was a battle of mind against matter, pragmatism against romanticism. In the end, God ensured that a deluge would end it all, and make fragile humans… Continue Reading

Red Alert, The Blues Should Win I know all about favourites, and finals


It’s squeaky bum time again, in the world of football. It’s that moment when you cannot muster the courage to switch on the television set and yet, you are compelled to do so. Old wounds, that you thought had healed… Continue Reading

Brexit Musings (26) – From Russia With Love


Well Theresa, I do hope you’ve been watching the footy on the telly, because the England team did a top-notch job by simultaneously uniting the whole country and leaving a group of 32 member states, at a fixed date. And… Continue Reading

Anyone For Brexit? Theresa May Is Running Out Of Partners Resignations seem a lot easier than trade deals


Friday 6th July will go down in the history books as the day we finally got to know what “Brexit means Brexit” actually means, if you know what I mean. This is the day when Theresa May told the UK and… Continue Reading

The Unknown Little Girl On The A10 Motorway After 30 years, she finally got a name

On 11th August 1987, the mutilated body of a young girl was found on the side of the A10 motorway, in the Loir-et-Cher region, south of Paris. A few weeks ago, DNA analysis finally enabled to put a name to the… Continue Reading

The Night England Won Me Back After the Colombia match, a World Cup final between England and France would land me in trouble

There used to be a time when I was an unconditional England supporter. Living in Kilburn made it that much easier to get to Wembley Stadium to watch the Three Lions play really well, or get beaten out of sight… Continue Reading