Voltaire: “Dieu que je t’aime…moi non plus.”

Reading Time: 2 minutes  Article in French in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice, France Article en Français à la mémoire des victimes de l’attentat de Nice, France (English version: see previous post)       Un des défis philosophiques actuels le plus important est celui de l’intolérance, et, en particulier, l’intolérance religieuse.   Une […]

Voltaire: “My God Hates You, but I don’t.”

Reading Time: 2 minutesOne of the most important philosophical challenges we are facing today is that of intolerance, particularly religious intolerance. Last night’s atrocities in France remind us all of how far these intolerant lunatics are prepared to go.   One of the possible explanations of why believers react so violently when challenged, is a phenomenon known as […]