UK Election – Half A View From Half An Expat

The UK election

The UK election is upon us and, even for a disenfranchised expat (well, half an expat), it’s still interesting. It’s that time again in the political calendar, where all politicians become very nervous, and start belatedly worrying about what everybody… Continue Reading

“Trump, You Big Bully – Leave The Little Bullies Alone”

Neymar PSG

The television clip showing American president, Donald Trump, pushing aside the prime minister of Montenegro at the last NATO meeting, just about sums up the character of the man, and the nature of his presidency up to now. The clip… Continue Reading

Call My Bluff with Theresa May…This week’s word is…Brexit


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time once again for “Call My Bluff”. And here’s your host, Theresa May.   Hello everybody, and welcome to this edition of “Call My Bluff”, a panel game in which three contestants give me a definition… Continue Reading