France 4 : Croatia 2 – When Pragmatism Broke Romanticism France's World Cup win is a victory for pragmatism. But is that a good thing?


It was a battle of two philosophical ideals, enacted by highly skilled protagonists. It was a battle of mind against matter, pragmatism against romanticism. In the end, God ensured that a deluge would end it all, and make fragile humans… Continue Reading

Blue Moon Ready To Rise


Blue moon You saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own At about twenty past six, on Sunday 15th April a feeling of profound bliss penetrated the very heart of my soul.… Continue Reading

Dressed To Thrill: Meet The “Kini’s”

burkini discrimination

When we stopped over in a hotel in Strasbourg, on our way down to Italy, my son was looking forward to a dip in the hotel pool. We were deeply disappointed to find out that the hotel rules did not… Continue Reading

Cold Justice: “The Red Pullover” – Part II: The Trial


On 6th November 1975, Christian Ranucci was officially charged with the abduction and murder of 8-year-old Marie-Dolorès Rembla, in June 1974. The official investigation was characterised by numerous “potential” irregularities, including the “rejection” of a last-minute testimony from a witness favouring… Continue Reading

Cold Justice: “The Red Pullover” – Part I: The Crime


In March 1976, Christian Ranucci was tried and condemned to death, for the murder of 8-year-old Marie-Dolorès Rembla, in June 1974. He had his request for pardon rejected by president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, and was executed on July 28th 1976,… Continue Reading

Father Jacob: The Scams of “Medicine Man”


It rains on the roof, like it rains on the stairs My grandmother’s house was no ordinary house. It was a mountain chalet on the outskirts of Nice, in the South of France. The colour of its turquoise entrance to… Continue Reading

Frère Jacques: Les Escroqueries de Médecin

Il pleut sur les toits, comme il pleut sur l’escalier Ce n’était pas une maison de vacances ordinaire, la maison de ma grand-mère. C’était un chalet de montagne situé dans une banlieue de Nice. L’entrée était peinte d’un bleu turquoise… Continue Reading