Dressed To Thrill: Meet The “Kini’s”

burkini discrimination

When we stopped over in a hotel in Strasbourg, on our way down to Italy, my son was looking forward to a dip in the hotel pool. We were deeply disappointed to find out that the hotel rules did not allow boxer-short-type swimming trunks, the reason being that such trunks “disturbed other clients”. “Discriminatie” (discrimination) […]

Cold Justice: “The Red Pullover” – Part II: The Trial


On 6th November 1975, Christian Ranucci was officially charged with the abduction and murder of 8-year-old Marie-Dolorès Rembla, in June 1974. The official investigation was characterised by numerous “potential” irregularities, including the “rejection” of a last-minute testimony from a witness favouring Ranucci’s innocence. The two major controversies related to the investigation were Ranucci’s sudden U-turn on […]

Cold Justice: “The Red Pullover” – Part I: The Crime


In March 1976, Christian Ranucci was tried and condemned to death, for the murder of 8-year-old Marie-Dolorès Rembla, in June 1974. He had his request for pardon rejected by president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, and was executed on July 28th 1976, at 4.13 am. The death penalty was abolished by François Mittérand, in September 1981. Ranucci […]

Father Jacob: The Scams of “Medicine Man”


The post is about a part of my life that was taken away from me prematurely by a corrupt politician. And the trouble is, my grandmother adored him. People like her allowed him to stay in power for a quarter of a century. His scams got known to the general public with the publication of […]

Frère Jacques: Les Escroqueries de Médecin

Ce n’était pas une maison de vacances ordinaire, la maison de ma grand-mère. C’était un chalet de montagne situé dans une banlieue de Nice. L’entrée était peinte d’un bleu turquoise qui resplendissait de toutes les couleurs, sauf le turquoise. Le chalet, d’un ocre jaune qui n’était pas cassé mais bien brisé, brillait par sa différence […]