La Fortuna Del Sorteggio – The Luck Of The Draw What are the chances that YOU crossed that bridge at least once, in the past


The catastrophe that has occurred in Genoa, with the collapse of 200m of motorway, makes me realise what a lottery life is. I, like others, have been several times on that part of the A10 motorway, that connects Italy to… Continue Reading

Planet Of The Apes…Men In A Post #MeToo World Is a week-end in the jungle the solution against sexual harassment?

Just as I thought that the oppression, harassment, and exploitation of women, were part of the male genome, I came across a “non-profit” organisation that claims to be able to cure most men from being fondling creatures in underground trains,… Continue Reading

God And Gender Identity: What IS God’s Perception Of Dignity? Interpreting the Holy Bible can be biased

By accident, I came across a document that relates the adoption of a resolution concerning human sexual identity, by the Kansas Republican Party. The resolution focused particularly on the rights of transgender individuals. The resolution was submitted on February 17th,… Continue Reading

Three Colours – Blue, White, Red

And there I was, thinking that all you needed to play football for your national team was (i) citizenship, (ii) more than average skills and, (iii) to be picked by the trainer. Silly me, I must say. It was pretty… Continue Reading

Left In The Cold – The Freeze Response And Rape Victims

acute stress response

You are probably aware of the so-called “fight-flight response”, also known as the “acute stress response”. It is a biological reaction to a stimulus perceived as an imminent threat to survival. The response is carried out by the autonomic nervous… Continue Reading