Utopia, Anno 2017 – Catalonia And Brexit


  During the UK referendum campaign, the Leave camp’s arguments for leaving the European Union  focused on, (i) a full economic recovery only made possible outside the EU, (ii) close to zero immigration and, (iii) a financed healthcare system. Whilst a non negligible proportion of the Brexit voters are clearly isolationist and/or xenophobic, I do […]

Philosopher Kings to Save the EU?

2016 was marked by a sharp rise in populist politics and has culminated in the UK vote to leave the EU and the election of Donald Trump in the US. In 2017, the French presidential election race has already been marred by a political scandal involving the right-wing candidate and presidential front-runner, François Fillon. He is […]

Un Philosophe Roi Peut-il Sauver L’Europe?

2016 a été marquée par une montée en puissance de la politique populiste et a abouti  au vote  du Brexit, et à l’élection de Donald Trump aux Etats-Unis. En 2017, la campagne présidentielle française a déjà été troublée par un scandale politique impliquant le candidat de droite et favori présidentiel, François Fillon. Il aurait versé […]