“Pardon My French, Madame Le Pen.”

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the expression “pardon my French”? Some say that it originated in the 19th century and was used as an apology by people who used French words in conversations. Nowadays it’s used apologetically after swearing. How wonderful language can be. I’m sure that Marine Le Pen,  leader of […]

“Excusez-moi pour mon Français, Madame Le Pen.”

Même  en ayant grandi dans un milieu bilingue, et pratiquant à ce jour  la langue de Molière au pays de Spinoza, certaines expressions restent pour moi, intraduisibles. Le titre original de ce blog « Excuse My French » se traduit par « Excusez-moi pour mon Français ». Rien à voir avec  le Français, mais bien la vulgarité. Marine […]

La Démocratie Menacée par….la Démocratie

Le référendum ne tient vraiment pas sa place au sein d’une démocratie représentative. Les résultats souvent aléatoires, ajoutés à l’aspect populiste des campagnes référendaires, peuvent nuire à la démocratie même qui lui permet d’exister. En accordant  le droit de voter l’application de l’article 50 du traité de Lisbonne au parlement britannique, ce qui déclencherait  le processus du  « Brexit », la […]

Democracy Menaced by…Democracy

It’s ironic that former prime minister David Cameron put forward a referendum on Europe that now threatens the very nature of the parliamentary democracy that let him propose it in the first place. Of course, whether Cameron had any choice in the matter remains subject for debate. But the fact of the matter is that […]

“What’s up Doc?” – The UK’s Allergic Reaction to Brexit

I thought, at first, that in endorsing the UK parliament’s right to vote for the triggering of Article 50, the High Court ruling was a good thing. Having heard Theresa May’s views that it wouldn’t change her timetable or attitude, and other politicians saying that they were going to vote for Brexit anyway, has made […]

Charles de Gaulle: Why the EU and UK Will Never Understand Each Other

Divorce can be a messy and expensive business. In the same way that people don’t get married with the intention of filing a divorce, I’m convinced that the UK didn’t initially join the EU (or European Economic Community, as it then was), in order to cause chaos and leave it. However, at least one notable […]