EU Citizens and Brexit: “Leave if You Want to, The Expat’s Not For Leaving.”

The title of this post paraphrases something Margaret Thatcher said during the 1980 Conservative Party Conference. Having been asked on several occasions by the media whether she would perform a U-turn concerning her economic and social policies, she had always replied that she wasn’t one to change her mind. At the conference she spoke a […]

Jean-Paul Sartre Part II: This is the Last Call for EU Passengers to and from the UK: “All Change Please and Mind the Gap.”

In my last post, I was very briefly trying to say that politicians must be very careful with “tinkering” with basic human rights such as freedom of movement. I feel particularly shocked and angered that the UK government is ready to use UK expats such as myself as a bargaining chip in their negotiations with […]

Jean-Paul Sartre Part I: “Mister Humphries, Are You Free?”

One of my favourite television series of the 70’s was the BBC’s “Are you being served?” Yes, I admit it, the humour wasn’t very refined, but at least you were guaranteed a good laugh. “Cheap jokes” I hear you say? Wait a minute, hidden in the “double entendres” was one of the most important philosophical […]