Veganism – A Religion For Vegetables I'm not a great fan of meat, but I do enjoy the odd piece of chicken


Before you throw your pickled onions at me, let me get something straight. The last time I had a steak on my plate was about a quarter of a century ago. I’m really not into meat, anymore – apart from… Continue Reading

Taming The (Lone) Wolves

why does a terrorist act as a lone wolf

Saturday’s London terrorist attack affects us all deeply, whether we were directly involved, or watching it from a distance. I feel particularly saddened by the attack because it took place in a part of London that I’m so familiar with,… Continue Reading

“Pardon My French, Madame Le Pen.”

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the expression “pardon my French”? Some say that it originated in the 19th century and was used as an apology by people who used French words in conversations. Nowadays it’s used apologetically… Continue Reading

Hypochondria, Paranoia and the Brexit Vote: “EU Migrants Who go Bump in the Night.”


What’s up Doc? Have you ever had that feeling that everything is against you, and you can’t do anything about it? If that happens once in a while, that’s part of life. More often, you should consider changing jobs. All… Continue Reading

Politicians Have Taken the UK to the Brink of Extremism


Having left the UK in 1984, I am beginning to wonder if my motherland is not the outward looking and relaxed land that I thought it was.  I love the UK, don’t get me wrong. I can assure you that,… Continue Reading