The Evolution Of Brexit – (I) The Rise Of Homo brexitus

evolution of Brexit

A new society, self-control? Sounds great

Doesn’t time fly when you are worried –gosh? It’s now twelve months since that “fatal” day in June 2016, when the UK voted by the narrowest of margins in favour of Brexit. It’s now time to take stock and analyse my own feelings – and everybody else’s- about the whole thing.

I can proudly say that I can now talk about Brexit without shedding a tear, a marked improvement from twelve months ago. They say that time heals all wounds, but whereas I can talk calmly about Brexit, I’m still annoyed that it’s happened (and the way that it happened). More importantly, though, I’m still just as worried about my own situation and the situation of other UK and EU expats.

I’ve said before that, deep down, I expected the outcome, although I was subconsciously denying that Brexit would win. I was rather like someone in pain, who ignores the symptoms in order to avoid the treatment.

I have also mentioned the appearance, in the UK, of a new “species” of UK citizen – Homo brexitus. I certainly do not use this description in a pejorative way. It’s just a term that I found useful to describe the citizens of my fatherland who “fell out of love” with the EU, or with the idea of the EU.

My early posts were about the philosophy of Brexit which was, of course, the original title of my blog. But I’m afraid that the philosophy of Brexit is riddled with politics – and so is my blog. Ever heard of political philosophy? Well, that’s what Brexit has turned out to be. Yes, Brexit is a political will to attain a philosophical dream.

A new society, self-control? Sounds great.

Who will the UK blame if it all goes pear-shaped? You’ve guessed it: YOU.

Yes YOU, the Brexit voters who shouldn’t have let it happen in the first place. Well, they won’t blame the remainers, and they cannot blame the EU anymore (or can they?). But don’t worry, the UK won’t blame you because I have found something that you don’t know about, and I just hope that Theresa May finds it too.

Remember how we all say that there’s no Brexit plan? Well, we’re wrong. I have found it thanks to the wonders of the internet. And what’s even more amazing is that the conservatives have had this Brexit plan for years, and they just don’t know about it.

And here it is,  “The Brexit Plan” is…


The Conservative Manifesto, 1979 


Yes, ladies and gents: 1979 – think of it – nearly 40 years.  All that time hidden between 2 unopened packets of Rice Krispies in the kitchen of number 10. Now, the lady who’s going to discover this secret weapon, I hope, is Theresa May – provided, of course, she does a bit of spring cleaning at number 10. It may turn out to be a blessing in disguise that David Cameron left the house and its kitchen in such a mess, and that Theresa May prefers Coco Pops to Rice Krispies. Throwing out the unopened Rice Krispies family packs will change the destiny of the United Kingdom.

This election is about the future of Britain – a great country which seems to have lost its way. 

Now, here we’re talking – this corresponds to the post-Brexit vote UK, and underscores the fact that the UK is suffering from schizophrenia related to the aftermath of the Brexit vote. The sick Brexiteers need to be reassured and convinced that the EU is no monster, and that remaining will help us all to forge a better future.

We will see that Parliament and no other body stands at the centre of the nation’s life and decisions, and we will seek to make it effective in its job of controlling the Executive.

All is forgiven, Theresa, I’m convinced that it was just on the spur of the moment that you decided that you didn’t want to involve parliament in triggering Article 50. You never meant to ignore parliament in the Brexit negotiations, did you? Lucky for you, Gina Miller is a tough cookie and didn’t give up her non-sensical notion of letting parliament do its job.

The public has rightly grown anxious about many constitutional matters in the last few years – partly because our opponents have proposed major constitutional changes for party political advantage. Now Labour want not merely to abolish the House of’ Lords but to put nothing in its place. This would be a most dangerous step. A strong Second Chamber is necessary not only to revise legislation but also to guarantee our constitution and liberties.

Absolutely, Theresa May has always valued the true necessity of unelected members of parliament, including David Heseltine, to guide her in her actions, should she stray by not cancelling Article 50. This is a “strong Britain” in the making.

The Brexit plan’s statement concerning the UK’s continuing membership of the EU – a U-turn on the Brexit vote – is just about perfect, and is a prime example of true philosophical wisdom. Merci, Emmanuel Macron, for leaving the EU door open during negotiations. Or is the door French windows, large enough to let in a red bus-load of Brexiteers?

If we wish to play our full part in shaping world events over the next few critical years, we must also work honestly and genuinely with our partners in the European Community. There is much that we can achieve together, much more than we can achieve alone…It is wrong to argue that Europe has failed us. The next Conservative government will restore Britain’s influence by convincing our partners of our commitment to the Community’s success. This will enable us to protect British interests and to play a leading and constructive role in the Community’s efforts to tackle the many problems which it faces.

Even at home, Theresa May would have the perfect answer to suit the “have not’s” of our fractured society.

We want more people to have the security and satisfaction of owning property…To most people ownership means first and foremost a home of their own.



Homo brexitus

You see, Theresa, the whole of society, according to philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, revolves around property. So then, give the Brexiters a semi-detached house with a rose garden. Add in something useful to all, like a local hospital that’s not understaffed, a half decent school that runs itself, 3 A-Levels for those snotty nosed teenagers, and a job for life for everyone, and they won’t bother you again, I assure you. They will even forgive you for employing too many over-payed civil servants, be it in the UK or EU, and will also make all the sacrifices you ask. All this, and more, as long as they see that it’s for the good of the country as a whole. Their country… Everybody’s country.


But what actually happened between 1973 and 2016?

Well, Homo brexitus happened. There’s no going back, unless you radically change his environment so that he can return to the way he was, 43 years ago: a citizen full of hope for the UK and in love with Europe. In the beginning, the UK voters were – at least for 70% of them – head over heels in love with the EU (or EEC as it was then). However, with advancing years and changes of government, things in the UK got more and more out of hand. Conservatives and New labour were just as similar as Tweedledee and Tweedledum. The richer got richer and the poorer got poorer. Sunderland and Stoke had never been so far away from Kensington and Chelsea. Unfortunately, the situation had got untenable for Homo brexitus. In 2016, he had fully evolved from his 1973-ancestors into a fully “disillusioned with the establishment” voter. But, do note the description I have made of Homo brexitus. I have described him as someone profoundly disillusioned with the UK establishment, but did not mention Europe. It is highly likely that he had no views on the EU because the EU was, literally, foreign to him. His anger was directed against Westminster, and not Brussels. But why then, did Homo brexitus vote for Brexit? The answer lies in the appearance of another type of human – lovingly known as the “Straw Man” – and how Homo brexitus was misled by him, into voting in favour of Brexit.

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