Lost in Translation: Foreign Migrants Should Remain Foreign

Reading Time: 4 minutesOn 23rd January, 2017,the Dutch centre-right prime minister Mark Rutte wrote an open letter which was widely published in the national press. As a non-Dutch national, I would like to respond to comments he made in that letter. The present post is based on my previous post written in Dutch. It wasn’t easy for me […]

Lost in Translation: Allochtonen Moeten Allochtoon Blijven

Reading Time: 3 minutesOp 23 januari l.l. heeft Premier Mark Rutte een open brief aan alle Nederlanders geschreven. Ik wil graag, als allochtoon, mijn reactie daarover  delen. Voordat ik in het Engels schrijf, heb ik deze Nederlandse versie opgestelt, desondanks de taalfouten die kunnen (en zullen) verschijnen. Mijn taalfouten kunnen bewijzen hoe moeilijk 100% geïntegreerd te worden is. […]

Aristotle And The Titanic: “Mayday, Theresa!!”

Reading Time: 6 minutes  Now that she knows where the bathrooms are in number 10 (I’m assuming that there is more than one), it’s down to business for Theresa May. She really got us going with her stirring speech and, with only a few weeks to go until the dreaded day when she sends THE LETTER to Brussels, […]

Albert Camus: The Myth of Sisyphus, Jo Cox and Germanwings Flight 9525

Reading Time: 8 minutes    “Only one thing: this thickness and this strangeness of the world, that’s the absurd.”  On June 16th 2016, the Labour member of Parliament, Jo Cox, was brutally murdered by Thomas Mair, an unemployed gardener. Although the perpetrator had a history of mental illness, he also had ties with extreme right-wing parties, including neo-Nazi […]

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Theresa May in Conversation: A Cup of British Tea and a Swiss Roll by Lake Geneva

Reading Time: 6 minutesShortly after the EU referendum, Theresa May decided to spend a few days in Switzerland. What a coincidence that this country is part of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA), but not the European Economic Area (EEA). EEA/EFTA:  RUOK? Complicated? Yes, it sure is. Luckily Google can help me out.  Let’s start with the EFTA: […]

Syrie: Une Césarienne Pratiquée par un…Dentiste

Reading Time: 4 minutesNous nous  rappelons tous de  l’image horrifiante d’un garçon syrien de 3 ans retrouvé mort sur une plage. La scène reflète d’une façon cruelle la situation dans laquelle se trouvent la grande majorité des gens ordinaires en Syrie. Mais lui et tant d’autres ne sont pas ordinaires. Nous le sommes. Nous vivons tous protégés dans […]

Syria: Having a Caesarean Performed by…a Dentist

Reading Time: 4 minutesAll of us remember the horrifying picture of a 3 year old Syrian boy found lying on a beach. The scene epitomised the situation for ordinary people in Syria. But he and others are no ordinary people. We are. We, including myself, all live in our protected personal bubbles and are only temporarily affected by […]