Claude Lévi-Strauss – Father Christmas Burned as a Heretic

Reading Time: 7 minutes    On December 24th 1951, a group of Catholic clergymen hanged and set on fire a Father Christmas effigy in front of at least 250 children in Dijon, France. Following the incident, the late French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss wrote an article entitled “Le Père Noël supplicié” (“The tortured Father Christmas”) in the literary journal […]

René Descartes And The Internet – “I Tweet, Therefore I Am.”

Reading Time: 6 minutesIt’s that time of year again, where everyone reminisces over what has happened over the year gone by  and you get bombarded with reviews of this, that, and the other. Well, I’ve decided to tell you what I think the most important event of 2016 is. And…you’ve guessed it? It’s Leicester City wining the English […]