Jean-Paul Sartre Part II: This is the Last Call for EU Passengers to and from the UK: “All Change Please and Mind the Gap.”

In my last post, I was very briefly trying to say that politicians must be very careful with “tinkering” with basic human rights such as freedom of movement. I feel particularly shocked and angered that the UK government is ready to use UK expats such as myself as a bargaining chip in their negotiations with the EU. Especially as British citizens such as myself were not allowed to vote, having lived in the EU for more than 15 years. 
I have a double citizenship being both French and British, so I would not be affected by such a stance. 


However, if I see that the UK government continues to act in such a despicable way, I will most certainly give up the nationality of one of the 2 countries that I deeply love. 

You can draw your own conclusions as to which citizenship that would be. (Answers on a postcard SVP).

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