Brexit Vote: “I’m Sorry Mister Fawlty”

The UK politicians are currently “in a pickle”, to put it mildly. It is, in the eyes of many observers, the biggest political crisis in the UK since the war. It is also, in my view, a philosophical crisis.
The UK voters have expressed a preference and the incoming government has to abide by the people’s choice. They must negociate with the rest of the EU and decide what sort of society the UK will be for years to come.
It reminds me of a television program I used to watch back in the UK, “Jim’ll fix it”. The TV presenter, Jimmy Savile, would receive letters written by children asking him to make a dream they had come true. It’s cynical that Savile was later accused of child molesting during his time as TV presenter. The allegations, which turned out to be true, came out after his death.
The UK voters have also sent a message for the upcoming government to “fix it”. How the situation will be fixed is anybody’s guess. I only repair teeth, and even that can sometimes be tricky. I’m surprised that Jeremy Corbin, the leader of the Labour Party, still wants to keep his job. On the side of the Conservatives, I find it hard to believe that the party found enough candidates for the job of new prime minister.
John Cleese, who played the famous Basil Fawlty in the BBC comedy series Fawlty Towers, is no philosopher, but has a place in this blog. I can’t remember in which episode it occurred (can somebody help me out here, or I’ll have to watch the whole series again…). As usual the hopeless Spanish waiter, Manuel, brilliantly played by Andrew Sachs, had done something utterly wrong and didn’t know what to do about it. Basil looked at him with eyes that could kill at 3 paces and slowly but powerfully uttered 4 words that remained engraved in my memory:
                                               “WHAT… YOU… DO… NOW?”


I could ask the same question, in the same tone of voice, to the future British prime minister, but I won’t. I’m too scared of the answer.